If you are an avid adventurer or an avid motorcyclist, you want to record your experience and videos from the social media platform smoothly, here is “GoPro Hero 5 Black” with video control and 4K voice functions. When Indian travelers are looking for practical cameras with high-end features, GoPro, based in the US, has developed a mobile video editing application called “QuikStories” that allows users to share special moments on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in a heartbeat. Let’s see what works for the device Rs 31,000.

The GoPro Hero 5 Black (2.4 x 1.7 x 1 in. And 118 grams in weight) is a rectangular camera similar to its predecessors but has a curved rim design with a semi-rubberized body that makes it easy to hold . To test the waterproofness of the device (up to 10 meters), we took it to a swimming pool in the neighborhood with a depth of 12 feet and found that water had no impact on the quality of video or sound. It shot 4K videos at 30 frames per second and clicked on sharp photos using the “Electronic Image Stabilization” (EIS) function.

Hero 5 Black allows you to use the touch screen for controls. The physical trigger and mode buttons are still there, but other tasks can be performed with the 2-inch touch screen, such as smartphones. Go right to view the gallery and left to toggle additional settings such as video stabilization. You can use a smartphone to view in real time what the camera captures. Do you need to turn the camera on or off? Say “GoPro turn it on or off” and the voice control function will do the job for you. Functionality also works in noisy environments.

We recovered almost three hours during the filming of videos. Dual microphones with noise canceling technology have captured the sound without any problem. The internal peripherals of the device are well-sealed, hermetically sealed and the camera can help you share videos without having to enter the editing table with ‘QuikStories’ that makes Hero 5 Black a single device. With ‘QuikStories’, the hassle of getting high quality videos that can be shared online is over. Install the camera with your smartphone and launch the GoPro application.

Now let the app automatically copy recent GoPro sequences to your smartphone and create a video regardless of the length you want to share on social networks. We recorded a night scene with the camera in “Gimbal” for GoPro – a device that keeps GoPro stable and eliminates vibration, vibration and noise in the video. When we connected the camera to the phone, we were told to update the software. After installing the update and the ‘QuikStories’ application, the application started copying the images to the phone.

Then we select the clip time and we add text and music and the video was ready to share. ‘QuikStories’ generates polished videos that can be personalized with music, filters and effects. In addition, the video created on your smartphone integrates with popular social networks so that there is no need to rework the clip format.Hero GoPro 5 Black will make all the accessories you have obtained from your predecessors are useless. You can not use any attachments with this unit.

We also experience the remarkable delay between taking photos and videos. The sensitivity of the touch screen was mediocre. Conclusion: It is safe to say that GoPro is undoubtedly a device for adrenaline junkies and travel bugs. With ‘QuikStories’, the ease of sharing your moments has never been so easy.