Trump’s attack on Chinese trade gets sidelined over North Korea

The opportunity to strike North Korea with new UN sanctions put in the order of President Donald Trump to punish China for alleged unfair trade practice.

The White House has prepared an announcement on Friday in which Trump planned to urge his government to investigate alleged violations of China’s intellectual property rights and forced technology transfers, said three officials of the administration.

But Thursday afternoon, administration officials have postponed the announcement at the request of the United Nations and the State Department, who are in the final stages sensitive to persuading China to sign a UN resolution imposing new sanctions on North Korea.

Those responsible for U.N. And the State Department warned that the commercial could kill its chances of winning Beijing’s buy-in, authorities said.

“There is a broader discussion of diplomatic considerations,” said an administration official. The official added that the threat of US action in trade has led to a series of separate talks between the United States and the United States. And China on the issue at “high levels” The president was not directly involved.

Another US official said POLITICO that the talks have advanced with the Chinese and the Russians in a resolution on North Korea with the potential for a vote in the Security Council on Saturday.

“The United States circulated a draft resolution among the members of the Security Council,” the US official said. This indicates that China – and Russia – are similar to the agreement with the US. And their allies in the drafting.

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When asked Friday whether the Russians and Chinese are willing, a Security Council diplomat, said: “We have great confidence that they will aboard the present resolution.”

Two administration officials said they still had hopes. Trump will announce commercial action against China, but said the exact time is not clear.