North Korea Trolls Trump With Open Invite To American Tourists

In response to a ban on traveling to the United States in North Korea, North Korean officials have extended an open invitation to American tourists seeking to “see the reality of their own eyes.”

According to Newsweek, a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry issued a statement in a local bulletin (also known as the only news source in the country, which is also overseen by the state) that Americans should not be afraid of Visit North Korea.

Apparently, the anonymous spokesman was quoted as saying: “There is no reason why foreigners feel a threat to their security in [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] has the most stable and strongest state system and many foreigners, including The Americans who visited our country unanimously in this regard. ”

In June, US tourist Otto Warmbier, 22, returned to the United States after more than a year in a North Korean prison.

The New York Times, was arrested for trying to post a propaganda poster in the US. – considered a “hostile act” by North Korean officials – and received a 15-year ruling on labor force.

After being evacuated in June, aid workers realized that the University of Virginia student was in a coma and was a year earlier. He died shortly after his arrival in the United States. The incident caused a travel ban from the United States.

According to Newsweek, three Americans – Professor Tony Kim, Professor Kim Hak-Song and Entrepreneur Kim Dong-Chul – are still trapped in prison cells in North Korea.

There are also other reasons to think that North Korea is not the “stable and strongest state system,” but that it is neither here nor there.

In general, addressing a secret dictatorship Currently being armed with hydrogen bombs capable of reaching the western coast of the United States is probably not a brilliant idea.

And as this would not be the first time North Korea has tried Trump (with threats to test long range missiles, nothing less), it is best to go on that plane