Diplomat: $1 billion in North Korea exports would be banned by U.N.

A proposal for a new UN sanctions resolution that would greatly increase the economic pressure on North Korea to return to negotiations on its nuclear and missile programs by banning exports of minerals and a value of more than Shellfish to a third of last year’s total exports 1 billion, a Security Council diplomat said on Friday.

The draft resolution, obtained by The Associated Press, also prohibits countries from providing an additional opportunity for North Korean workers from another source of money for the Kim Jong Un regime.

And it forbids all new joint ventures with North Korean companies and banned new foreign investments in existing joint ventures.

Egypt, which holds the presidency of the Security Council, said that the vote on the draft resolution was scheduled for 3 pm. EDT Saturday.

The proposed new sanctions follow the first tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles of North Korea that managed to arrive at the United States 3 of July and 27 of July.

The Security Council has already imposed six rounds of sanctions have not prevented North Korea’s willingness to improve its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons capabilities.

The draft resolution condemns the launches “in the strongest terms” and reiterates previous calls for North Korea to suspend all ballistic missile launches and abandon its nuclear weapons and nuclear program “in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner.”

The United States spent weeks after the initial launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile in the negotiation of the text with China, the neighbor and ally of North Korea.

The diplomat, who spoke under the influence of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly, called it “all the most pronounced and widespread sanctions to date,” and said that the resolution must be unanimously approved.

The agreement on the draft to vote followed remarks by the United States of America, Rex Tillerson, comforted Wednesday in North Korea that Washington does not seek regime or accelerated comments of change of reunification of the Korean peninsula received by the Chinese foreign minister .

Tillerson also said that the US Wants to discuss possibly with North Korea, but I do not think the debates are productive if the North intends to maintain its nuclear weapons.

North Korea has repeatedly said it will never give up its nuclear arsenal, which it sees as a security guarantee.

The draft resolution reiterates the wording in previous Security Council resolutions that support the return of six-party talks aimed at denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, which expresses the commitment of the Security Council “for a peaceful, diplomatic solution And political situation “and reiterating the importance of maintaining peace and stability in northeastern Asia.

He also expressed regret over the “massive diversion of limited resources for the development of nuclear weapons and many expensive North Korean ballistic missile programs,” noting that more than half of the population lacks adequate food and medical care and a fourth Part of the population suffers from chronic malnutrition.